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Urban Saints Energize

Urban Saints Energize

The Project

Energize is a website created by Urban Saints, which provides resources and support for youth leaders to run small group sessions for young people aged 3-15+. The site provides engaging, dynamic, Biblical session plans for Churches and youth leaders who subscribe.

We were successful in being selected to rebrand Energize and redesign the complete website experience. We began the project with an in-depth consultation period, which allowed us to unpack the project fully. This then led into brand development, website wireframe planning and website UI design stage ready for the fresh new launch of Energize in 2019.

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Urban Saints


Creating a memorable brand

The brief was to create a brand that was current and exciting, which youth leaders would connect with. Working closely with Urban Saints we completed several rounds of logo development which landed with the finished logo style. Once this was complete we outworked the brand into various publicity and social campaigns. We enjoyed developing the various brand components that gave a strong and consistent feel across all resources and communications.

Rethinking the online journey

With the Energize website we could see that there were clearly two avenues of communication. Firstly the consumer; those looking to understand what Energize was quickly and clearly. Secondly the user; those who wanted to subscribe to the platform to plan their youth groups.

A visually rich experience

For the consumer we created a clear user journey with dynamic design and bite sized content to quickly communicate the purpose of Energize and how to subscribe. We separated this area of the website into the key features of what Energize provides. This allowed us to create a visually rich experience without overloading the user with reams of content.

Online app design

The user area of the website required much more thought and planning for the various functions that the user needed to preform. The concept of Energize is to give youth leaders the opportunity to access a huge bank of resources and craft their own lesson plan. We designed and tested a new interface that would make the user experience of carrying out this task enjoyable and hassle free.

“Working with Vision Tank is a brilliant experience. The quality and creativity of their work is excellent, consistently delivering fresh, attention-catching materials (both online and printed). The ‘customer experience’ is fantastic from project inception to the final deliverable, with a sense of genuine connection a key feature throughout. The end product frequently exceeds our expectations and leads to highly positive feedback from our recipients.”
Paul Windo
Urban Saints Media Manager

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