Overton – Brand Development


The intended outcome of the following brainstorming sessions is to:

  • provide Vision Tank with context and guidance to develop a brand that is representative of your vision and values
  • establish your collective vision statement and core values
  • provide Vision Tank with an understanding of your existing and future ‘audiences’
  • help Vision Tank understand your aspirations for the look and feel of your website and brand

How it works

To get the best out of these brainstorming sessions:

  • Gather 1 key representative from each church (a small working group will be best)
  • Read through the sessions ahead of meeting together and note one key point for each session to share
  • Collectively work through the 5 brainstorming sessions attached
  • Try and stick to the 15-minute time brackets to maintain focus
  • Collate and send the outcomes back to us!